One family that gave their lives to the Lord in Mutare, was stern followers of traditional African religion and ancestral worship. But the Lord had different plans for them. On the first evening of the crusade as healing started to break out in the ministry time, the husband came to the tent to see what was happening. This is already a miracle, as they don't participate in Christian meetings. But the Lord healed his one daughter (13 years old) who has been struggling with pain in her right ear drum since birth. Then the mother got healed after struggling with some stomach and digestive issues for years. The father had a stroke a couple of years ago, causing partial paralyzes of his right hand and leg. Every evening we kept praying for him, and he testified that his hand was getting stronger. His leg improved as well, and he forget to assist himself with his crutch as he got up the stairs in front of his house. The final evening of the crusade meeting, his entire family came forward to receive Jesus and become sons of God!!