A lady in the KF24 family has been suffering with severe back pain for months. She had two operations already, and refused to have a third. She was on heavy pain medication just to be able to get through the days. The doctors discovered a cyst in her lower back that was growing into the spine (lower back), causing this paralyzing pain. She was scheduled for an operation to remove the cyst. They would also have had to support her back through metal pins. She refused the operation, believing that God was going to touch her. 

She came to the School of Supernatural Ministry (SOSM) on the Sunday evening and the whole group prayed for her. She felt like something went out of her immediately. That evening she stopped taking the medication and had no pain. The next morning she went to the physic who said that a miracle must have taken place in her body!! She has no pain and no need for an operation now after Jesus intervened!! Faith moves the heavenlies!