PiksterparkWe had an amazing time in Somerset West over the December holidays. The Lord moved in wonderful ways and we have received testimonies of cancer healed and much more. But this story really gripped my heart and reminded me of how powerful our Lord is. At the last service a lady was brought to us whose right hand was withered. The team and leadership prayed for her and I also went over to minister to her. I felt such boldness as the Lord came over me and started to command the lady to straighten her hand. She could only straighten it a little bit, but I knew the Lord wanted to something. I took her and helped her to straighten it as far as possible. The next moment her wrist relaxed and she could straighten her hand out for the first time in 55 years! It was overwhelming to see the joy on her face and her caretakers. Her hand would pull in again and as she lifted her hands to praise the Lord it would straighten out again. The next day we received a message that she was able to wash her hand straightened out of the first time in 55 years! He is powerful and awesome in Love!