One of our SOSM team members went through a very intense attack on his health and shared this testimony: I was hospitalised on the 30th of April with an infection that I seem to have picked up in Malawi. On the 1st of May my kidneys stopped working and I started to receive treatment to protect me from getting a stroke, as my blood pressure spiked over 198/130. (Normal 120/70). After being tested for every form of malaria, rickettsia, and bilharzia, tropical viruses and bacterial infections, they could not determine the cause of my fever (39, 6), blood pressure and severe headaches. My infection count was high and rising, and after five days of antibiotics, my infection count came down by two points per day to 171 (normal is 0-4). (34 tests were conducted, including brain scans, a lumber puncture and sonars).

On Sunday the 5th of May many people prayed for me, including the groups at the SOSM. On Monday the 6th of May my blood tests came back with the infection count down to 14. Overnight, the cause of the infection disappeared. In the words of the doctor: ""It's as if something fell out of your body last night Being a scientist and academic, the Lord really demonstrated His power to my ""prone-to-scepticism"" personality, and I attribute my healing fully to the working of the Lord through the prayers of the saints.

Thank you again for the many people that prayed for me!