One of the gentlemen in the congregation shared the following testimony with us about the Lord healing his knee injury of 13 years during a worship service. He was a very active athlete doing endurance races and triathlon. In 2000, while jogging, he tore his patellar tendon resulting in his knee cap coming loose and damage to his ligaments. He went for three operations, but still couldn't run again since that time and suffered with discomfort. During a service a member of the team gave a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal knees. He stood up and received prayer from those around him. The first time he felt no change and we then instructed the whole church to pray for him. This time he felt the Lord touching him. The next day he went jogging to test his knee, and for the first time in 13 years he has no pain and can jog again. He has been jogging every day since then!! Bless You Lord