The team took the streets one Saturday morning and just followed as Jesus started to release His grace and love on the streets. We saw many healings and conversions that morning. One lady struggled with hearing and was partially deaf in her one year. The ladies started to pray for her, but didn't experience any breakthrough. Another team member came along and encouraged the team just to love her and hold for a while. As they hugged her, they felt the resistance break I her heart and she was ready to receive. They prayed for her ear again and the Lord opened and restored her hearing completely!!

The same morning another lady who suffered from deafness in her left ear got healed as the team just released the presence of love of Christ on her. We saw people being restored after injuries that was caused by operations. Many with back pain was healed and some received deliverance on the streets. The Lord id so compassionate and full of love. He will touch people anytime and anywhere, He just needs willing vessels