We had an amazing time in these two beautiful nations. God moved and loved people as only He can do. Here are some of the stories that stood out for us:

During our time in these two nations the Lord opened three deaf ears. In Silliguri Tanya received a word of Knowledge about someone's right ear that was deaf or partially deaf. This man from Nepal responded and the Lord opened his ear after prayer from Tanya and the team! 

In Jaygon we prayed for a man who has been suffering with Parkinson's for 6 years. As we started to pray for him the shaking stopped and he suddenly had control over his body. 

In some of the surrounding nations we saw so many healings and are still expectant to receive report of all that the Lord has done. Because of the large number of people attending we prayed in general most of the time, trusting the Lord to do the work. We received testimony of healing of asthma, deaf ears, joint and back injuries healed. Many got baptized in the Holy Spirit and came to Jesus. There was a young boy who was blind that the Lord started touching. After prayer he could tell how many fingers I was holding up, see the colour of my shirt and some detail. We are still eagerly awaiting complete breakthrough for this young man. Jesus is so faithful and never disappoints when we are willing to risk for His glory!