We visted Zeerust the 12-15th of March 2015 for a leadership conference. During street ministry Griet(right of photo) came for prayer. She had an accident in 2011 and had metal pins in her back and left ankle. We prayed for her and she started feeling a cold fluid running down her body, as she described it. I asked her to touch her toes and she could do it. She was so amazed because she hasn't been able to do it for years. She was able to move and rotate her ankle fully, something I saw she couldn't do before prayer.

After this, Griet asked us to come and pray for her sister and cosuin as well. The sietsr had a hernea, back pain, diabetes and injures hip. The cousin struggles with addiction and depression. After the team prayed for them, all tgeir pain left and they could move around perfectly. The cousin got filled with the Spirit and broke out in joy. Jesus is so faithful and loves to restore lives.