2014 Word by H. Klenschmidt

2014 is here and I believe for many of us, we would say “Finally”. 2013 was a very challenging year for most of us. It was a year that the Lord used to shake us and reveal our hearts to us. This is never pleasant but so important if we want to inherit our promise. Every believer will have to face their Goliath and Esau before entering into the next dimension of their walk with the Lord. Goliath’s come straight from the enemy taunting us in an attempt to intimidate us and shake our faith in God. Esau, like Ishmael, is product of our own sin and bad decisions in live. It is essential to face and overcome Esau to inherit the promise. This was a lesson that Jacob had to learn in Gen. 32-34. Before he could step into the blessing and promise of Abram, he had to face Esau. The challenge with our Esau is that we have to overcome our own weakness, or actually recognise it. In our weakness His power is perfected. In our weakness and simplicity we will also overcome Goliath. David overcame the giant by the simplest of weapons known to him and mankind. All it took was the truth that God was with him. God is as much with us when facing Esau than when we face Goliath. Esau doesn’t disqualify a repentive heart from the promise! Abram gave birth to Ishmael and Israel, but Israel still is the blessed one. What amazes me is that God also promised Ishmael that He will be with him. The point is that God loves all of us and we must release our Ishmael’s into His hand.

A big word over 2014 is that it will be the year of the open door. That is so exciting and explains why 2013 was so hard. I also believe that it is the year of double spiritual perfection. Perfection is only fond in the presence of our Lord. The call is intimacy and pressing in like never before. Marise also saw that it will be the year of the bride. Again, it comes back to intimacy with Jesus and the spirit and the Father. We must become one with Him in heart. Hos. 2:14 comes to mind when praying about the year “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.” He wants to whisper to us and turn the desert into a feast because we will be with Him. Once the desert becomes a place of celebration, we can overcome anything. He is the Door and we must learn to enter in and out through Him. Placing Jesus central in all that we do and learning to walk step by step according to His direction is what 2014 is about. The door to His heart is truly open to us all. Behind the door is transformation of individuals, families, cities and nations.

God is about to accelerate things on the face of the earth. I saw a vision of a swarm of bees coming towards me. It wasn’t negative picture however. The Lord showed me that it was time for honey. It speaks of the thick, sweet and heavy anointing of His glory. Samson found it in the jaw of the lion that he overcame with his bare hands. This anointing will come to those who has overcome the one who looks like a lion (Satan) and withstood him by the grace of Jesus. This anointing covers the world with the weight and sweetness of Jesus name and presence. His name is like honey and will be sweet to all taste and see Him. The bees will come to the open flowers to find nectar to produce honey. Open flowers are those who have received revelation and now live by it. It is honey time and we must keep pressing to see his sweet, thick presence cover the earth.


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