Bambanani Projects

‘What and who is Bambanani Projects?’
‘Bambanani’ translated from Zulu means ‘Helping Hands’. These hands speak of connection and touch and for this reason Bambanani Projects has been called to life!
Bambanani Projects is a non-profit organisation who desires to bring hope to those in need, irrespective of colour or race. We seek to connect the business world (and those who possess or manage resources) with the underprivileged and marginalized of society to build a bridge between the vast majority of people seeking aid, shelter, food, sanitation, etc.
Our focus area is the Transkei, in the Eastern Cape. The Apartheid government of South Africa set up the area as one of the two homelands for Xhosa-speaking people in Cape Province, the other being Ciskei. This area became an independent state in 1976, but this was a way of “making up for apartheid” and caused absolute isolation and increase of poverty in the area. The population of the area is estimated to be about 3 million people and covers an area of 43,798 km².
Bambanani’s main area of work is based in Thoboyi Village, just outside of Nqamakwe. Here we serve the people of the surrounding villages and have seen amazing transformation stories.
Our vision is to reach 100 000 people with life skills training and mentorship as we develop leaders who can mentor their own. Please click here to visit the site.