Call to Battle

The Lord has been journeying with me on prayer the last year, and in an increased way the last two months. Prayer was the one thing the 12 apostles asked Jesus to teach them. They didn’t want a healing school, a financial course or church model. They had one question as they witnessed His life and influence over the natural realm: Lord, teach us to pray.

E.M. Bounds wrote that “Prayer carries the promise to its gracious fulfillment. It takes persistent and persevering prayer to give to the promise its largest and most gracious results” Often we walk with promises that builds up to frustration when we do not see it manifesting. promises of destiny, healing, restoration and more of Him. We become despondent and waver in our faith as the manifestation lingers, instead of stepping into the secret place and ploughing through the fallow ground of our current circumstances.

We must learn keep ploughing through seasons of waiting by prayer and lifting His name and promises over your life. As the writer states in Proverbs 20:4, “The lazy man does not plow when the winter planting season arrives; So he begs at the next harvest and has nothing to reap” Prayer prepares us for the season of harvest and brings the seasons into alignment with His time line.

The war over our lives and nations will be won in the secret place. 6 Weeks ago I was spending time with the Lord and I heard the trumpet blowing and this scripture came to mind:

Joel 3:9-10 Proclaim this among the [pagan] nations: Prepare a war! Stir up the mighty men! Let all the men of war come near, let them come up! Beat your plowshares into swords And your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, “I am strong!”
This is a call to war. A call to stand in the spirit and be strong in Him. A time to step out and believe for more of Him touching the world through us, the body of Christ. This is ultimately a call to prayer.

Prayer produces faith, and faith produces rest to our souls.Enabling us to stand firm under any circumstances and not be moved by what happens around us. This rest gives perspective and clarity so that we can execute the word and promises of the Lord over our lives and nations.

The greatest reward of prayer is that we get to see and experience His heart for ourselves. We become transformed into His image as we catch His heart in the secret place. Don’t give up, don’t get weary and soar on the wings of eagles as you wait upon the King and gaze upon His beauty.

Be blessed,


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