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Birthing Maturity – Henk Kleinschmidt

The church is in labour pains as the Lord is about to birth mature kingdom ideas, sons and daughters and ministries in this season. All creation is groaning and the enemy is nervous. Glory is coming and the Lord is on the move!

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Apostolic Currency – Henk Kleinschmidt

In this message Henk shares on a recent encounter he had regarding the apostolic release that God is bringing to the body. We are being called into maturity that will produce apostolic clarity to build according to His heavenly pattern.

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11-11: Seasonal Shift – Henk Kleinschmidt

Who of you have been seeing the number 11:11 a lot recently? In this message Henk shares on a revelation that the Lord has been dealing with in his life regarding the meaning of these numbers and what the Lord is preparing for us in this season. Great sh…

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Prosperity of the Soul – Henk Kleinschmidt

The world is divided more than we have witnessed in decades, and in in these times we need to walk in prosperity of the soul. The apostle John prayed that ‘you may prosper, even as your soul prospers’. But what does that mean and how do we walk in prospe…

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Have Mercy On Me – Henk Kleinschmidt

Henk Kleinschmidt ministered to us via Zoom on Sunday 20 June 2021. His message encouraging and relevant to this season. The mercy of God touches us, our families and our circumstances. Position yourself and ask God what you need to do in this season bec…

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