Invitation: Night Watch Prayer

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Hi friends,

I believe we are in a very significant season in the body of Christ in South Africa. God wants to reveal Himself in new ways to us, so that we can rise and inherit the rich promises our nation carries. As a team we started doing an all-night prayer chain since Saturday night. We have specific areas that we are seeking the Lord for and for our nation. I wanted to invite you to join us in this season, if you feel led to do so. A time where we reclaim the night and break through into our destinies for the sake of a nation. A time where we soak a nation in prayer and continue the momentum we have since 22 April.

Currently our nation, including the church, needs a breakthrough. Love needs to arise between people groups, justice must be restored, and darkness must be exposed. The need around is big and a nation needs to see Him for who He truly is. I love this passage in Isaiah 25:7-9:

7 And on this mountain He will destroy the covering that is [cast] over all peoples, And the veil [of death] that is woven and spread over all the nations. 8 He will swallow up death [and abolish it] for all time. And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces, And He will take away the disgrace of His people from all the earth; For the Lord has spoken. 9 It will be said in that day, “Indeed, this is our God for whom we have waited that He would save us. This is the Lord for whom we have waited; Let us shout for joy and rejoice in His salvation.”

Death and darkness must be removed for people to truly be able to see Him. A nation must say “This is the Lord for whom we have waited!”

Throughout Scripture, and the life of Jesus, we see the spiritual significance of praying through the night. Lamentations 2:19 is a cry and a command to the people of God, saying:

“Arise, cry aloud in the night,
At the beginning of the night watches;
Pour out your heart like water
Before the presence of the Lord;
Lift up your hands to Him
For the life of your little ones
Who are faint from hunger
At the head of every street.”

We have a nation starving for true food, for true satisfaction and peace that can only be found in Jesus. But we, the church, needs to arise and bring the true bread and wine of life to our nation.

I believe there is battles to be won and revelation to be gained in the night watch. On the one hand the kingdom of darkness is trying to stir hatred, anger and destruction. On the other side there is the hidden mysteries of God that He has prepared for us in the dark cloud surrounding Him. Mysteries that can set a nation free. God often appeared in a dark cloud in the Old Testament (Ex.19 and 20, Ps 18, 97 Job 22 and 37 etc.). Dark speaks of mystery, a place where we need to press through to get revelation. Ps. 19:2 says “Day after day pours forth speech, And night after night reveals knowledge”. There is knowledge about Him and our calling that He is wanting to reveal to every one of us. He burns to show Himself to us!

We are praying from 6pm to 6am every evening, dividing hours into different time slots on a rotation basis. How you do it is completely up to you, but I would like to suggest that you try to cover every one of the 12 throughout the next couple of days. No specific prayer points, just Spirit led prayer, declaration and intercession. Or a time of meditation on the promises of God like in Ps. 119:148 “My eyes anticipate the night watches and I awake before the call of the watchman, That I may meditate on Your word”. But a time of making Him our only desire and only solution.

I don’t know for how long we must keep doing this, but we are going as long as we feel the grace to do so.

Join us and let us pray and seek Him with expectant hearts!

We are hungry for You Lord!


Henk Kleinschmidt


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