Jacob Zuma arrested

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We are living in historic times and the arrest of Jacob Zuma is a major shift in our nation. In March 2017 the Lord showed me that Mr. Zuma will be behind bars. I am sharing this to remind us that the Lord has not forgotten our nation. There are rich prophetic promises hanging over our nation and despite the state of things in the natural, we must trust Him that His word will come to pass. Almost everyone I shared this vision with said that it will never happen, yet the Lord did it. About what else are we saying ‘this will never happen in SA’? Let us keep on declaring His promises over our nation and not loose heart. More arrests are yet to come! More reforms are still to happen! The shaking is just beginning. Jesus is Lord!

Excerpt from March 2017:
I saw Jacob Zuma in a typical black and white striped prison uniform. In the same picture I saw under a shadow what seemed to be a womb in which an adult man was being brought to full term, ready for birth.

At the time I wasn’t following the news and the vision didn’t feel very significant. But seeing what is currently unfolding in the South African political arena, I believe the vision should be of great encouragement.

I felt the Lord saying that Zuma is already imprisoned by his actions and choices. His corruption, racism and self-enrichment has caught up with him and the Lord’s patience with the situation has come to an end.


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