Jekezi Mama healing

We went on door to door ministry in Jekezi, one of the villages we minister, this is actually how this village was opened up to us.  We went to visit this lady, she was living with her daughter.  She was very old, she couldn’t walk properly, she was in pain and she had many types of arthritic pains all over her body.  She was really just in a tremendous amount of pain. 

Ps. Yandisa and I prayed for her and the Lord just showed up.  She went from not being able to move her shoulder and her hands properly to complete restoration and full movement.  She had no more back pain and was able to walk around and move around amazingly!  She was so changed by her healing that she became the spokesperson for that village, so the next week we had a service there and there were 20 people that got born again because of the healing that took place in her. Praise Jesus!


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