Lodewyk Healing

During a Charlie Shamp conference, as I fell asleep one night I had a dream.  It was such a vivid dream that I could feel the sun on my skin and the wind blowing around me – it was a very real encounter for me.  In this encounter I was standing outside the church that was hosting the conference at a very specific place.  It was exactly like in real life.  I was speaking to a gentleman and his wife (they are both in our church at that time).  I was talking to him about the injury that he had on his right wrist.  He was telling me how this injury made it impossible for him to do push-ups and any normal kind of exercise.  He couldn’t bend it very far backwards at all.  I remember telling him in the dream that even though he’s had the injury for years Jesus wanted to heal him.  I then laid hands on him, in the dream, and God immediately healed him!

Then the next morning when I woke up I remembered the dream and felt excited to be heading to church.  I had not planned to leave that early, but as I was walking out of the service, I bumped into this gentleman and his wife – AT EXACTLY the same place as in the dream! They were about to leave, so I started to tell them about the dream that I’d had. Almost exactly as it had happened in the dream, the story starting unfolding right in front of me. He goes down on his hands and knees and shows me that he can’t do a push-up – just like in the dream. Naturally, after that I prayed for him and Jesus immediately heals him of this injury that he’s had for so many years.  Right there he dropped down and did a push-up again to show that he was completely healed!  This is such an amazing story of Jesus preparing something in advance.


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