Mama Gaba Healing

Ps. Yandisa was called to Mama Gaba for prayer for healing.  It was said that she was very close to death.  She couldn’t stand and she couldn’t eat and from the Thursday before she couldn’t even keep water down.  Then on the Sunday, they received an urgent call as her husband thought she was going to die.  So between services we went to her house to pray for her.  We prayed for her and found out that her daughter was also very sick – vomiting blood. She lived in another village and they didn’t share any food – so we knew it can’t have been food poisoning.  As we prayed for her, we saw a picture of a snake on her stomach moving all over her body.  Ps. Yandisa also saw a snake and saw that it was moving as well.  We carried on praying and rebuking the spirit in the name of Jesus and when we were done she said she felt better and she looked so much better! Praise Jesus! 

The following morning it was reported that she had woken up and started cooking food.  We saw her for a follow up and she was perfectly healed by the power of Jesus!


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