Mexico and USA trip – January 2017

We are grateful for our relationship with brother David Hogan and his family, and the way it has been growing over the years. We all have been blessed spiritually by them and as a family we are learning on many levels from their walk with the Lord and years of experience in ministry as missionaries. Brother David and his team of missionaries have planted more than a 1500 churches in Mexico in the last 40 years. Have raised more than 500 people from the dead and has seen a harvest of souls into the hundred’s of thousands. Marise and myself feel privileged to have been invited by them to visit their work in Mexico and join them for a conference in the US. In the light of what we are busy doing in the Eastern Cape, this is an opportunity for us to learn and clarify the vision the Lord has given us. The time will include the following:

  • Three weeks in Mexico. Ministering in different villages where they have established churches and learning how they structure the ministry.
  • A time of fasting and prayer with the Freedom Ministries team in Texas.
  • A conference in Colorado with all the international partners of Freedom Ministries for one week. I believe this will be a time of great impartation and relationship building.
  • After the time with the Hogan’s, we are looking into ministry opportunities in the US where we will be preaching and sharing.

All of this is in alignment with prophetic dreams and words we have been walking with for more than three years. This will be a time of impartation and learning that will impact us as a family and all those we are in ministering to and partnering with. Due to the long duration of the trip, Marise and the kids will have to join. The team in East London will carry on with the work for the 6 weeks we are gone. Please carry this in prayer with us. Pray that doors will open and connections will form in the US that will strengthen all involved in the future. Pray for provision for our airfare and visa fees (R120 000). And pray for our protection as Mexico is a war zone. Should you feel led to partner with us and invest into this time, make use of the Aflame account as below:

Account name: Aflame Ministries
Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 303 204 214
Branch: Castle Walk, 014645
Reference: Mexico

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey.
Henk & Marise Kleinschmidt


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