New Season for the Kleinschmidt’s

Hi Friends,

We had an amazing time with Charlie Shamp in South Africa the last 10 days. God touched so many people as we saw blind eyes healed, cripples walking and many coming to salvation! Jesus is surely alive! For those of you who couldn’t attend the meetings, check out our website for the teachings from the Invasion Conference.

I also want to make use of this letter to inform you regarding some radical developments for us as a family, and for the ministry. Since 2014 we have been sensing that the Lord is preparing us for a geographical move. I and Marise have been praying about this with our board and advisers and felt that the time has come. We have a passion for many nations and places, but in the end doors opened for us to go to East London, Eastern Cape. This was quit a surprise for us, but we are really excited about what He wants to do there. We will be moving down to East London beginning of December to set up Aflame Ministries from our new home!

It is truly a very exciting season as the whole Aflame team has started to move into a new season in ministry. Martin also felt that it is time for him to start his own ministry. I am very excited about this and believe it is the heart of the Lord. We are still great friends and will be partnering on many projects. With all this happening, I can see His hand in our move as well and believe that He is setting us up for the next thing.

All of this also fits in very well with what the Lord has been awakening afresh in our hearts over the last couple of months regarding the Harvest. Charlie really sparked this in my heart again, and we want to partner with many others in making the vision Bob Jones had in 1975, about the billion soul harvest, a focus point in all we do. Bob Jones died in 1975, but was sent back by the Lord to spark a wave that would bring in a billion souls to the Kingdom. This is what the Lord said to him:

“The Lord says I am going to bring one billion souls and many of them will be youth to myself in one of the greatest awakenings of all time. I’m going to glorify Myself beyond anything that has ever happened that’s ever been done in scripture. The glory is here to stay, it will never leave again. And that glory is a preparation for a harvest beyond imagination. One great harvest. One great increase of over a billion souls!”

Wow! The time is here and we must step into the fields of harvest and prepare harvesters for this great wave! Winning the lost has always been His heart and we want to answer His call and be part of winning souls and raising up others that will win souls.

This is what we feel led to do in East London at the moment:
• Outreach and evangelism in the town, townships and rural surrounding areas;
• School of Supernatural Ministry in East London;
• Hearts Aflame fellowship communities or house church;
• Community development and involvement through Bambanani Projects;
• A continuation of our involvement in South Africa and the nations.

Kingdom Family 24 will still be our spiritual covering as we walk in strong relationship with them as a family.

Part of this new season, also includes the possibility that Philemon Nkosi will become part of our family as a foster son. For those of you who don’t know, Philemon is 16 years old and has been part of our lives since 2011. Marise helped Philly find a home after his grandfather died in 2011. She arranged with Mmule Nyakani to take him in for a weekend, and now 5 years later he is still with them. Since that time Philemon has been visiting us regularly and became part of our family. We are trying to take him in with us, but this process is complicated and not always simple. Please keep this in your prayers as we need wisdom in this process.

I also want to ask you to pray about partnering stronger with us on a monthly basis regarding financial support and prayer. This is a big faith step and we need financial breakthroughs to help us do the work in East London, but also all over South Africa and the nations. I also want to ask for those called to intercession to contact us and partner with us in seeing souls birthed into the Kingdom. Prayer is what shapes the future and releases His heart on the earth.

Thank you all for your love and support. We are so grateful and humbled by His grace poured out through you into our lives and work.

Be blessed,



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