Three Feathers


“Well done, good and faithful servant!”

These are words that every believer longs to hear from Jesus one day. But how do we, as Christians, position ourselves in the present to ensure that we complete the race the Lord has set before us, and finish it well? How do we live in a way that will take us to the finish-line with a testimony of God’s goodness in every area of our lives. In sum, how do we secure the longevity of our earthly walk with the Lord?

This book explores God’s ways for staying the distance and achieving longevity in His kingdom. It is based on scripture as well as the author’s insights and personal encounters with the Lord. By prioritising the three feathers, we will be granted access to greater heights and greater works of God. A focus on these core domains will sustain His anointing in our lives, will set us up to build generationally and will enable us to leave behind a root of righteousness.