South Africa: The Mountain of the Lord

About a month ago I shared a vision the Lord gave me regarding a court procedure in heaven over our nation. In that vision the Lord released vision to overcome the enemy’s schemes. However, in that experience there was a second accuser in the court procedure. Until yesterday morning I didn’t feel a release to share about that. But as I spent time with the Lord I felt the release to do so.

There was a second accuser in the vision. He was a cloaked and hooded being. I immediately knew that it was the spirit death. The Lord laid Isaiah 25 on my heart as explanation and key to overcoming this foe. Death creates a veil over people that removes our ability to discern life outside of our own needs, agendas and moral compass. Veiled people are only aware of themselves and lives for themselves. Love for neighbour is lost and personal gain and preservation becomes our god and idol. So through manipulation and control (this is witchcraft) we kill lives, destinies and the rights of others. Veiled people cannot see right from wrong anymore.

The wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23), and the sin that is pulling death into the nation, and veiling us, is pride (Moab). The pride of life keeps us out of the grace of God and His redemptive purposes for our nation. “He (God) opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (Jam. 4:6) Pride in our traditions and culture is one of the main things that is bringing death into our nation. The belief that we are better than others and will get away with it, or an entitlement attitude that enslaves us to our ungodly passions is how pride is playing out. We have to humble ourselves before Him and acknowledge His word as truth, the only moral standard and Hope to all people.

God will swallow up death and wipe away every tear! In fact, He has already done this through the cross of Jesus. Therefore He invites us to feast with Him on Mount Zion before this covering of death will be removed over our nation. Zion speaks of the realm of the Spirit or Kingdom of Heaven. We are invited to feast on well refined wine, fat things and rich marrow here with our Lord. The wine speaks about our salvation through His blood and the love of God poured out on us. We must rejoice in our salvation and get lost in His perfect love for us. Be overcome with the truth of His love, intoxicated on His mercy and free from bondage because of it. The fatness and marrow speaks of that which strengthens the bones. Feasting on the marrow strengthens our souls and it is about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We must let the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of life, have free reign in our lives. He is the revealer of all Truth and gives discernment in troubling times. The Holy Spirit is also the spirit that raised Jesus from the dead (Rom. 8:11) and gives us the power to overcome the Spirit of Death. The ones who feast on the wine and marrow will be the ones who sees the veil of death being destroyed. Humility will bring us to this feast of His goodness and grace.

God loves us and has an amazing destiny for our nation. The enemy is trying hard to overthrow us, but he will not prevail. There are so many decrees waiting to be released by the sons and daughters of God who will humble themselves and live by the Spirit. From Mount Zion will go out the word and the law of the Lord that will establish His kingdom as the ultimate authority on the earth (Is. 2:3). His hand is upon us and we will be a voice to te nations of His salvation and Hope. I believe we are in an amazing time and the Lord gave the release on this word yesterday, the 11th of the 11th. That speaks to me about a finality that is coming and breakthrough that is about to dawn on our nation. The saints must contend in prayer and actions. Let us humble ourselves and repent of our own sins. Those with clean hands and a pure heart can ascend the mountain of God. Ask Him to search your heart, and point out areas where we are in the wrong and don’t even realise it.

God is ready to move, let’s humble ourselves and allow His Spirit to lead the way.


Henk Kleinschmidt


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