Spirit of Justice and Burning

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Over the last couple of days as I spent time with the Lord, I saw a couple of different things that I feel like sharing for the sake of praying into them. I cannot share everything I saw, but the Lord said to me that the demonic canopy of protection over those partnering with the dark in South Africa, and the nations, will be lifted, and they will be left vulnerable and exposed in this season. A spirit of justice and a spirit of burning (Isaiah 4:4) is being released over South Africa, and the covering of the Lord rests over the voices of truth in this hour. Those that walk in a spirit of justice and truth will experience the canopy of the Lord covering them. As a sign of the spirit of justice and burning being released, we will start seeing strange manifestations of mist and fog over buildings, cities and regions at unusual times of day and night with a golden, red shimmer all over our nation. God’s covenant with South Africa will be the overshadowing power over SA. Many has gone into covenant with death and dark forces, but the covenant of the Lord with SA will prevail and protect a nation against the onslaught of evil.

Secondly, I saw how leaders that are anointed by the Lord in government, business and church will start rising up as the anointing starts to break the yokes. These yokes bound them from being the voices of truth, and forces of change, that they have been called to be. Boldness will come upon them as the covering and protection of the Lord falls over them. New shoots will rise up, new faces coming into positions of prominence that holds keys of change. The steps of the righteous are directed by the Lord, and faithful ones(not just Christians, but those with pure motives prepared by Him) will step into positions of leadership. These shoots will be influenced and sustained by the Root, Jesus Christ. They will be used to awaken a Nation into a new era of possibility and opportunity. Because of them, business initiative and resource will flow with great ease throughout the economic system into the hands of the people.

Thirdly, I also saw white doves being released in the spirit with messages tied to them, like pigeon post, flying to every corner of our nation. It was messages of peace and unity flooding the nation out of the intercession of Christ. These doves are a sign, as in the flood of Noah, of the waters of destruction subsiding in our nation despite the reports and propaganda. The covenant of peace with God (Isaiah 54:10) will govern our nation and the nations. These messengers are bringing about an alignment between heaven and earth releasing the heart of God for our nation.


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