The Shelele’s Appeal

After serving as the local leader of Aflame Zimbabwe for more than six years, we are so excited that Brother Jairos Shelele has made the decision to transfer to the base in the former Transkei and join the work that the Aflame team has established over the past six years. As can be expected, this move does come with some challenges and that’s where we need your partnership.

Why the move?
When considering the challenges we are facing to get the Shelele’s to South Africa (which we outline below), you may find yourself wandering how this move came to be and why it is important? These are both perfectly reasonable questions and we have been giving thought to them since the move became a prospect.

While spending time with the Lord in March 2021, both Brother Henk and Brother Jairos felt God speak to them about Jairos moving back to South Africa. In discussions after the fact, they discovered that the impressions they received individually were remarkably similar and so the idea was born.
Simple obedience to what God leads us to has been the foundation of much of the ministry, so that would have been enough of a reason for them to move, but the significance of God’s timing is best highlighted when looking at the extensive growth the Transkei work is currently experiencing.

In the past few months alone, our team has opened four new villages (meaning four new villages are hearing the gospel for the first time), and there are many villages on the horizon. This level of growth means that our team on the ground is currently under resourced in terms of man power, spiritual foundation, and practical skills. Brother Jairos and his family will therefore cover many of the shortfalls we are currently experiencing, especially considering how much they share our heart for Christ’s church, having worked with Aflame for more than ten years. Brother Jairos also possesses expansive practical skills such as being a qualified driver which will have an unquantifiable positive impact on our local team’s daily life and ministry.

What are the challenges we are facing?
The primary challenge at this time is finances as the volatile economic climate in Zimbabwe mixed with the hostile immigration laws in South Africa make for an expensive entry into the country.
We are trusting to raise R50,000 ($3,500) as this will cover the R9,000 passport fees, the now nearly R28,000 immigration fees, their travel expenses, and hopefully also assist in getting them established at the base (keeping in mind they will have multiple new expenses such as homeschooling).
It’s worth highlighting that they are a family of five, so the already high fees are further elevated because of the number of people needing to cross into South Africa.

A secondary challenge we must face is the lack of stability in both countries’ policies and the great extent to which those policies could influence the move. Zimbabwe’s continual enforcing of lockdowns and volatile political landscape are but two of many issues we may encounter. While we remain ever positive and filled with faith, it is always wise to keep potential obstacles in mind.

How can you help?
If you feel led to contribute financially, you can click on this button to our donation page where you can reference any contributions as “Shelele Family”.

If you feel led to join us in praying for the Shelele Family and interceding for favour and provision, you can click on the join button to join an update only WhatsApp group where we will post occasional updates as the journey progresses and let you know if there are any urgent prayer requests.


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