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Aflame and Iris Ministries Harvest School

We are excited to launch the next phase of development on our Thoboyi base this year. It was always a dream to have a Visitors Center that will enable us to receive teams from different churches, host our local believers for conferences and training events. With Iris Ministries coming with the Harvest School in June, it accelerated this process. We believe that this is a time of breakthrough for the Transkei and we have an expectation that God wants to shift the atmosphere over this spiritually dry land.
As seen on the plan below, we want to construct a building with 10 rooms that will be able to host 120 visitors. The cost for construction will be approximately R300 000, including bunk beds for visitors. We need this project completed by 1 June and we are believing God for His provision.

Please partner with us financially and in prayer for this project. If you want to partner with us you can either make us of Aflame Ministries banking details or Bambanani Projects, for Tax Deductible certificates.

Thank you for your support.
Iris House

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