Word for February: Upgrade

Hi Friends,

I trust that you are doing well! I feel an urgency in me to share the following word with you and encourage you in what the Lord wants to do in this time. Last year November the Lord spoke very clearly to me about an upgrade that is coming to the body in the month of February 2016. I don’t usually prophecy dates, but every now and again He will give me accurate instruction regarding dates. During a time of seeking the Lord again this month, I was reminded by Him of this promise.

The upgrade is about entering into a new cycle, or season in our walk with the Lord. It is a shift that will take place in the body to enter into the call of God for our lives. The upgrade is about new anointing that He wants to release over the body to take new territory in the spiritual and natural. This will empower us to reach people, cities and nations that we couldn’t’t reach before.

It is a Jacob’s ladder (Gen 28) encounter that He is setting us up for. This season, like Jacob’s encounter, will become a place of remembrance of the purpose He is releasing, a reminder of what He has promised for your life and a door to enter into communion with Him like never before experienced. Jacob placed his head on a stone as he went to sleep in the field that night in Gen. 28, and suddenly heaven’s gate was opened for him to receive promises and revelation from God directly. Jesus refers to this account in John 1:51 when he speaks to Nathanael, telling him that there is so much more to come out of the season ahead than what he has just witnessed. I believe He is inviting us into the greater works (John 14:12) through an anointing for transformation and resurrection in our own lives and over cities and nations. Resurrecting that which is dead in our communities and transforming it into gateways of heaven.

A place of humility and surrender is what will lead us there. Jacob rested on the rock and we are invited now to rest on the cornerstone, the Rock of the Ages and the gateway to heaven. In Psalm 18:2 David writes: “You’re as real to me as Bedrock beneath my feet, Like a Castle on a cliff, my forever firm Fortress, My Mountain of hiding, my Pathway of escape, My Tower of rescue where none can reach me, My secret Strength and Shield around me, You are Salvation’s Ray of Brightness Shining on the hillside, Always the Champion of my cause.” Wow! This time, February, is about resting on the Rock, and seeing His brilliance shine through our lives like never before! The upgrade is our revelation of Him growing, and us surrendering and humbling ourselves once again before His greatness.

Friends, I want to encourage you to seek Him in this time, cultivate friendship and nearness, rest on His strength and see heaven’s gate opening up through you!

Henk Kleinschmidt


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