Our Heart for Missions

In Matthew 24 Jesus makes the following statement in verse 14: “Yet through it all, this joyful assurance of the realm of heaven’s kingdom will be proclaimed all over the world, providing every nation with a demonstration of the reality of God. And after this the end of this age will arrive.”

We are passionate about nations, because of His desire for nations. Jesus deserves the worship of every tribe and every tongue; and every tribe and tongue deserves the opportunity to hear about our glorious King. He left us with the responsibility to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven to all people BEFORE the end can come. It is such a privilege to take the Good News to the nations and so form part of completing His desire for all men to hear the Truth.

For us this includes soul winning through street ministry and open air meetings, equipping the saints through training and conferences, church planting and outreach in practical ways. We partner with existing works in many of the nations, but also pioneer new works in other nations. Every outreach is different and sometimes we take teams along with us to be part of what He is doing.


100 000 souls

In 2015, the ministry moved to the Eastern Cape. Here they pursue the word the Lord gave Henk during a season of fasting for 100 000 souls in the Transkei region. The Transkei is home to the Xhosa-speaking people in South Africa. They are a strong group of people with a gift to liberate and bring freedom. The villages in the Transkei spreads as far as the eye can see, from mountain tops to valleys. Many of the villages in the Transkei are hard to reach, and have no existing churches in them. Communities are tormented by witchcraft and ancestral worship, causing poverty and destruction of families.

Aflame Ministries Transkei-61

Current Projects

We are currently so excited for what God is doing in the Transkei! 

God is in the process of maturing His bride to enable us to walk in greater authority and love, to touch a broken world around us.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • Three new villages, Esqhitini, Jekezi and Mngcangcatalveni, opened up to us and we are having weekly services in these villages as well as the ones we’ve loved all along.       
  • Many are being physically healed by the Lord. From arthritic pain, lumps in their bodies, ladies on crutches and serious digestive issues, check out our testimonies page under Media.
  • The Lord were adding new believers to us weekly. 
  • At the Ekukhanyeni learning centre we have 80-90 learners visiting the base on a daily basis for English lessons.
  • We took in two single mothers with 8 children between them and were able to disciple, teach and train them to manage their finances better, parent better and grow in the Lord.
  • We received quad bikes that empower our pastors to get around easily to the villages to preach and share the Gospel. Thank you for everyone who donated and gave towards this cause.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for refreshing and strengthening for the team.
  • Brave and courageous Xhosa team members to be added to us
  • We feel that it is time for Jairos Shelele and his family to join the work in the Transkei. Please pray for favour on this, the right connections for legal permits for him and his family, and the right replacement for them in Zimbabwe.
  • Financial support is always needed. As the work expands, so does the monthly operational cost. Please pray for sponsors to help and invest in what God is doing in the Transkei. 
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