March Fasting

We did a seven day fast in March this year with the team, a first time fasting for most of them.  One of the team members, Bonile, he got very ill, he had a blocked nose and unwell on the whole.  He actually thought he had Covid-19.  But that night he went to bed listening to David Hogan teachings and as he was listening he fell asleep and started dreaming that he was standing in a prayer line that David Hogan was praying for him.  He started shaking and manifesting in the dream and also in his bed physically.  And when he woke up he was completely healed!

Then also on the evening before we broke fast – we had a time of worship, fellowship and prayer at Ps. Yandisa’s house. While we were praying and experiencing God’s presence and waiting on Holy Spirit, a wind started circling through the rondawel. It was incredible because the wind was blowing from the opposite direction of where the door was facing. It just kept circling and circling through the room while the Holy Spirit touched us a filled us.  It was such an amazing moment for us as a team to experience God presence fall on us all.


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