Ntlavenkile – Cripple Healed

Ps Yandisa, Thetelela and I were doing door to door ministry in Ntlavenkile.  We were about to leave and stopped at the shop quick on our way out of the village.  And then a man came up to us that had had an accident and because of the accident his right leg was damaged quite severely.  He was in a tremendous amount of pain, he couldn’t walk straight anymore because of the accident. I can’t remember if it was a stab wound but it was quite a serious injury.  He wasn’t very interested in the gospel or anything, but we got him over and started praying for him.  God touched him on the spot.  So much so that he walked perfectly normal after that, I mean, he took off his glasses as he couldn’t believe what was happening to him.  He was absolutely blown away – we all were.  It was such a real feeling and amazing that God absolutely smashed it! 


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